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Iranian caviar imports to Germany

Iranian caviar imports to Germany

Iranian caviar imports to Germany is mainly due to the fact that there are many customers for these products in this country. Many trading companies are active in this field in order to increase caviar exports and boost trade.

In the North Sea of Iran (Caspian Sea) there are different types of fish that fishermen are fishing for. Each of these fish has certain characteristics. The therapeutic properties of these fish are different from each other and are used in a specific field

Iranian caviar imports to Germany

Varieties of North Iranian fish

The Caspian Sea is a vast sea in northern Iran, an excellent habitat for the growth of all kinds of fish. Each sea fish has unique characteristics that can be useful for the human body. North Iranian fish in the global market have a lot of reputation that has created a thriving market for them. Some examples of Northern fish are:

  • Carp
  • Salmon fish
  • The white fish
  • Caviar fish

Iranian caviar imports to Germany

Caviar of the Sea of Northern Iran (Caspian)

The most important fish in the North Sea are caviar fish, which are sold in markets in different types. These fish, in addition to delicious meat, cultivate grains that have a high nutritional value. Caspian Sea Caviar has a great role in treating diseases. Here are some examples of the effects of these fish on treatment as follows:

  • Alzheimer’s treatment
  • depression treatment
  • Refreshing and refreshing skin
  • Heart disease treatment
  • Osteoporosis treatment
  • Treatment of digestive diseases

Iranian caviar imports to Germany

Caviar exports bring the best economic situation to our country, because these products are sold at unbelievable prices. Some examples of countries applying for Iranian caviar are:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Italy

Sell Beluga caviar

Exporting caviar to foreign countries is the best way to sell Beluga caviar. Conducting international transactions will lead the company to a good profit.

The export of sturgeon to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and … has led to a sharp increase in sturgeon production for meat production, and more producers have been developing sturgeon farming. The Russians call Huso huso the Beluga fish. Huso huso is the largest species of sturgeon in the Caspian Sea. This type of fish is a very popular market due to its high weight and good meat taste in Russia, and traders and buyers tend to buy Beluga sturgeon.

Iranian caviar imports to Germany

How much sturgeon is produced in Iran?

In general, the number of pools that have entered the production of sturgeon is very low. The sturgeon breeding rate is very small compared to salmon breeding. But this trend is changing, and for years, manufacturers have tended to grow sturgeon, and sturgeon is a strong marketplace with good profit.

Why do manufacturers come to sturgeon farming?

By answering a few basic points, the answer to this question is clearly indicated:

  • A much higher income than similar time and investment in other areas
  • The versatility of fish in salty and sweet water
  • Different weather conditions tolerate
  • The pristineness of the market and the high customer presence
  • The government welcomed the sturgeon breeders
  • High caviar prices in Iran and the world
  •  And…

These are some of the reasons why the breeder is convinced to come to the sturgeon.

The best weight for exporting Beluga sturgeon to Russia

Russian merchants and buyers in two specific weights call for the Beluga fish:

  • Weight 5 to 10 kg
  • Weight above 15 kg

Iranian caviar imports to Germany

Of course, you may want to just empty the stomach or separate the abdomen, tail, and fins. Which is exported after cleaning, processing and packaging (frozen meat).

Export Caviar Fish

The peak of sturgeon exports is the fall and winter (Christmas Eve market). But it should be noted that during this period we also have a boom inside Iran, and the market for the night of the Iranian Eid is also important for the producer.

Because of the lengthy process of exporting sturgeon meat, it should be thought of buying meat and taking export licenses from the summer.

You can coordinate the purchase of Beluga meat for export to CIS countries and with the Raibodcaviar sales director.

Iranian caviar imports to Germany